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Grout 101: Installations and Maintenance

Grout often becomes an afterthought in a bathroom or kitchen remodel where tile is installed. Two of the more important things it does are 1; alter the overall look of your finished product and 2; it plays a major role in the overall longevity and maintenance of your tile. We’re here to help you choose between types of grout and color to give your updated area a complete and beautiful look.

 Types of Grout:

Sanded: This is basically a cement-based grout with sand added to the mixture. The sand creates a bond in the grout making it withstand cracking and shrinking and is most commonly used in joints that are larger than 1/8”.

Unsanded: This is also a cement based grout that just like its name has no sand added. This is ideal for tighter grout joints and has an easier application on vertical surfaces such as shower walls or accent walls.

Fusion Pro: Although a little more expensive of a grout it could be worth it in the long run. This is a relatively new product and it’s coming into the market with a bang. This is a stain resistant single component grout created by Custom Building Products and can be used in commercial and residential projects. There are other similar epoxy grouts but we’ve had the most success with this particular grout.


Grout Color:

Grout color is a hard decision since there are an astronomical amount of colors to choose from and how each color will impact the overall design of the tile. It also plays a major role in the maintenance of the grout; darker grouts will be able to hide stains better whereas the lighter grout will show more dirt and stains.

If you want your tile to be the main focus when walking into the room then we would suggest a grout color that matches the tile. A contrasting grout will highlight patterns and decorative walls or areas. Or you can go neutral where it won’t stand out as much as the contrast but won’t take all the glory away from the tile itself.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns or are looking for a professional tile installation with the proper grout give us a call at any time. 732-656-1650.


Bathroom Renovations

People today are upgrading their bathrooms as a priority when moving into a new home and starting from scratch. Instead of thinking resale value with their bathrooms they feel their own comfort should come first.

Specifically talking about turning your Master Bathroom into a Master Oasis and Spa. Things to consider when renovating the bathroom are eliminating a tub, whether it is a soaking or jetted spa tub. Its no longer a desired need for most people and with that space, you can enlarge your overall shower size and include a popular choice, a shower seat.   Women typically like this to make shaving their legs an easier process, as well as added storage for soap and shampoo bottles.


Some other quick things to consider are frameless shower doors, added light from either skylight or LED showerheads, and an elegant rain shower. For added convenience consider putting in 2 sinks in the vanity if space allows.


Bonus upgrades if the budget allows would include a heated floor and a privacy screen of some kind for the toilet area.

How to pick a Tile Installation Contractor

At Tile Works by Rich & Sons, Inc., we stand behind our work. We have built our reputation on quality products and take pride in every job we do.

Make sure you ask some of these questions before you decide:

  1. How long has the company been in business?
  2. Do they stand behind their installation work? Sometimes tile companies come and go. Make sure you hire experienced professionals.
  3. Which TCNA method will they be used to install your tile? TCNA is the Tile Council of North America and they have the handbook which is the industry standard
  4. Where will the tile expansion joints be located? Allowing for expansion and contraction ensures a long lasting installation.
  5. What is the span of your joist? Can the floor carry the weight of the tile? How will the substrate respond to the application?
  6. What level of warranty can you expect from your tile installer and products installed?
  7. Will you need a vapor barrier?
  8. Who is checking the tile shades and calibers for consistency?
  9. What setting materials will be used in your tile insulation? What are the advantages?
  10. How does your tile company keep up with the latest industry standards? What associations are they members in?
  11. Do they have references? Did their last three quoted jobs come in at the price quoted or higher?

Having confidence in your tile installer & having your questions answered comes with experience. With over 25 years in the tile installation industry, Tile Works by Rich & Sons, Inc., is an active member of the TCNA and continually uses best practices.  For more information on best practices for your flooring installations, contact Rich Hernandez at Tile Works By Rich & Sons at (732) 656-1650 or visit www.tileworksbyrich.com